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The Association centro del bel libro ascona

The Association centro del bel libro ascona (cbl) is the parent institution of the internationally known and accredited technical school for Bookbinding and Design, Book and Paper Conservation. The purpose of the Association is to promote advanced training and to raise qualification levels in these fields. The Association also organizes and sponsors competitions and exhibitions to promote public awareness, knowledge and interest about the Book as a cultural heritage.

It also gives professionals from related fields and interested laypeople the opportunity to gain knowledge and hand skills pertaining to the book crafts by participating in the specialized courses that each department offers. The Association cbl is a non-profit organization, which is not only responsible for running and organizing the school, but also for the registration and hospitality of the course participants during their stay. One of the tasks of the executive board is to recruit new supporting members, so that a continued operation of the school can be guaranteed. If you are interested in the Book Arts and in Book and Paper Conservation and if you would like to support this important institution, then please join us by becoming a sponsor, a supporting member or a volunteer in our association!

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individual courses

Our instructor is also available for individual courses lasting 1 – 5 days. Prices on request. Date by arrangement.



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